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Your office colleagues aren't always available for help.
H For Help enables you to receive help from peers working in other offices.

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A friend that is always available for help

H For Help starts as soon as your browser starts , so that you are already connected to people in various offices who are working on the same topic as you.

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You earn minutes either by helping someone or inviting your friends


Getting help shouldn't be hard.

You are always connected to peers working in other offices.

Switch topic as you switch your work. From Design to Devops we have got you covered.

Get additional minutes when you invite your peers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Three things - it's built for getting private 1-1 help, it's realtime and it's pinned right in your browser.

You get credit minutes either by helping someone or by inviting your friends on our platform.You get 30 credit minutes per referral. Every minute you help someone on the platform , the credit minutes are added to your account

Pro plan lets you have 1-1 voice calls , screen share and chat. While the free plan offers chat feature only.

Yes you can . Try H For Help free for a 30 days.

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help via chat with limited credit minutes
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INR 15
25 screen share and voice call minutes + 15 credit minutes

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